A Song For No​-​One (FREE single)

by lee christian

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this is a song for no-one, this is a waste of time, it's got no target audience, no marketplace in mind, it's not aiming at your pocket, it's not asking for your cash... but if u do donate, u'll get another track free! ;-)x


A Song For No-One

What a poor excuse 4 a revolution
What a total non-starter dumb-ass solution
What a second rate version of culture we endure
Just a poor man’s version of a thing we’ve seen before

This is a song for no-one. This is waste of time
It’s got no target audience, no marketplace in mind
It’s not aiming at your pocket, it’s not asking for your cash
There’s not a dancing monkey in line of sight,
no pretty girl shaking her ass

Well i don’t wanna buy your shit no more
Hell i don’t even want 2 sell u mine
Well i just wanna hear something that matters for once
so i guess i’m gonna have 2 just say it on my own dime

Well i don’t wanna hear your shit no more
and i don’t want 2 tow your company line
Well i just wanna something with a little substance
or at least get the vibe that someone’s even trying...

Well don’t u yearn for it too?
(pop says the weasel and the music goes pop!)
Always looking out for,
Always listening out for something new
(and as long as there’s buck in it, it’s never gonna stop!)


released January 1, 2013
Written, Performed and Produced by Lee Christian



all rights reserved